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Testimonial from Osotspa

Dear Khun Siriluck,

The students are one type of people who are selling-oriented and have the education of lower than bachelor degree.
The comments will be based upon the above conditions.

So far, they are brain washed by your presentation and motivated easily to become powerful and ready to work harder and meet challenging offers. They think more positively and are eager to try.

This group is very appropriate to this presentation of motivation.

But to tell you, the crucial part is still coming; you just have seeded one Viagra medicine into them only and the effect is shooting to the sky but also can be gradually faded soon.

We must be able to prolong your effectiveness of Viagra as far as possible.  Of course, it is our team’s part to do so.
Therefore, my senior managers please understand this as your responsibility to use the tool of this Viagra to make it happen successfully as many times as possible.

The next group is the higher qualification of people and I need to sit down to brief you how to motivate them.

Vichien Santimahakullert
Marketing Director

Osotspa Co.,Ltd.

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